Is this too good to be true?

No. We are a cash flow solution for hundreds of clients.
We are not a bank and we don't operate like a typical financing business.


We are understanding because we are business owners too.

Gerry Wawzonek
Gerry Wawzonek, CAEF

President & Chief Executive Officer IFA Advisory Board Member

Natalie Wawzonek
Natalie Wawzonek, CAEF

Chief Operating Officer

Ivo Dumancic
Ivo Dumancic, CAEF

VP Partners, Research & Development

Michelle Simon
Michelle Simon, CAEF Candidate

Operations - Accounts Executive

Luke Duri
Luke Duri, CAEF

Operations - Relational Analyst Lead

Bianca Cortese
Bianca Cortese, CAEF Candidate

Operations - Finance

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