Supply Chain Financing

Capital Now offers supply chain financing and was founded in Calgary Alberta, in 2008. It is funded by Western Canadian private investors and is operated by the owners. There are a lot of questions that first-time clients might have. Below you'll find information about supply chain financing and its benefits. We do not have a consultation fee so if you're ready to start now, go to our online application or give us a call.

Supply Chain Finance

By paying your suppliers with our funds, you and your suppliers both gain control over cash flow. $244,000,000 of working capital funded to date.

What makes us different

With our innovative and transparent platform, both parties have control over their cash flow. We collaborate with you to craft a program that will meet everyone's liquidity objectives.

Who are we?

Capital Now is an Alberta owned and operated company specializing in the Accounts Receivable segment of Supply Chain Finance.

What we do

Capital Now's Supply Chain Finance is a type of supplier financing that benefits both buyer and supplier. By letting Capital Now pay your suppliers early, you give them control over their cash flow.

What are the benefits of using our services?

Even though your supplier gets paid early, you pay Capital Now on your own payment terms, preserving your cash.

Cash flow is a financial stress that can be overwhelming. Capital Now will pay your suppliers early, giving you and your supplier control of your cash flow, so you can both get back to focusing on growing your business.